India Skills report reveals regional strengths

25th December 2023
India Skills report reveals regional strengths

December 25 20234: Wheelbox, a leading firm in remote proctored assessments and consulting services, has  released the ‘India Skills Report 2024’, spotlighting the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the nation's workforce under the theme, "Impact of AI on the Future of Work, Skilling & Mobility."
This eleventh edition, based on the extensive Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET) with 3.88 lakh participants and insights from 152 corporations, unfolds key highlights that underscore India's leadership in the AI domain.
The report reveals that India boasts a global leadership position in AI skill penetration and talent concentration, earning an impressive score of 3.09. With an installed talent base of 416K AI professionals as of August 2023, the nation is well-poised to meet the current demand of approximately 629K, a figure expected to surge to 1 million by 2026.
The WNET employability survey in the India Skills Report 2024 reveals nuanced trends and demographic transformations among the nation's employable youth, offering profound insights into their evolving expectations. In India, the overall young employability has improved to 51.25% over the previous year.
Kerala stands out for its balanced approach to education, encompassing futuristic skills, general knowledge, and practical learning.
The comprehensive curriculum, notably advanced by the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme of Kerala of the Department of Higher Education, has been commended for its role in enhancing employability and skill development among the state’s youth.

The report highlights Kerala’s dominance in IT, computer science, and engineering job skills. Moreover, the state’s 18-29 age group ranks highest nationwide in English language proficiency, computer literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills, indicating a workforce adept at meeting the diverse needs of various industrial sectors.
Acknowledging the government’s robust initiatives in skill training and development, the report lauds ASAP Kerala’s impact in imparting skills to over 2.5 lakh higher secondary students in the last decade. Additionally, the Community Skill Parks and Centres of Excellence established by ASAP Kerala have been recognized as exemplary models for training in advanced technologies across the nation.
Among states with large talent pools, Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Telangana have the highest concentration of highly employable youth.
Specifically, Haryana leads with 76.47% of test takers scoring 60% and above on the WNET.
In the age range of 22 to 25 years, Uttar Pradesh stands out with the highest talent concentration at 74.77%, followed closely by Maharashtra at 71.97%.
Additionally, the overall employability rate within this age group across the top 10 cities is 63.58%. These findings underscore the regional variations and demographic factors influencing the employability landscape in India.
Overall improvement in English communication: Karnataka is the state with the highest availability of English skills with 73.33%, followed by Uttar Pradesh at 68.75% and Kerala at 61.66% availability of English as a Second Language Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra follow closely, showcasing a diverse geographic spread of English proficiency.
Vocational education gathering steam: Andhra Pradesh is offering Vocational Training in 31 Engineering and non-engineering trades.In Gujarat, Vocational training is offered in 132 Engineering and non-engineering trades, comprising 79 trades in the NCVT pattern and 53 trades in the GCVT pattern
Says Nirmal Singh, Chief Convenor of India Skills Report, and Founder and CEO, Wheebox, “Today, as we unveil the India Skills Report 2024, I extend my deepest gratitude to all who contributed to this insightful exploration of our nation's AI landscape. India's potential to lead the global AI revolution is evident in the significant strides we've made, coupled with the vibrant IT landscape that defines us. Navigating this transformative journey requires addressing challenges with a focus on inclusion. Collaborative efforts among government bodies, businesses, and educational institutions are paramount, as witnessed in successful youth upskilling initiatives and advancements in our digital infrastructure.”

He further added, “Investing in AI extends beyond technology; it signifies our commitment to a more inclusive and prosperous future. India's allure for foreign investments in IT and business catalyses our dreams of a digital tomorrow. The AI revolution is our call to shape a people-first economy, lead in innovation, and pioneer a future where technology and humanity harmoniously coexist. The government's commitment to AI-driven economic transformation is evident through proactive initiatives like the AI Task Force and NITI Aayog's 'National Strategy for AI.'”
Devashish Sharma, founding member and CEO at Taggd, ISR's knowledge partner said, “Year 2024 will see more and more companies investing in their upskilling initiatives. With new roles across segments getting added to the hiring mandate across industries we will see companies investing in early careers programs. Almost one out of six hires will be in the early careers segment.”

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