Hyderabad hosts AIS’s ICIS 2023, global symposium on AI, digital innovation

16th December 2023
Hyderabad hosts  AIS’s ICIS 2023, global symposium on AI, digital innovation
Co-Chairs of ICIS 2023 at the inaugural address in Hyderabad

Hyderabad,December 16, 2023: This week Hyderabad was  the epicentre of global discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) and digital innovation at the ICIS 2023 which saw participation from 45 countries and over 1000 participants represented by Information Systems researchers, academics, Industries, and professionals across sectors.
For the very first time in India after it was founded 43 years ago, the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2023 hosted in Hyderabad by Association for Information Systems (AIS) put a  spotlight on the intellectual discussions among the most prestigious gathering of Information Systems academics and research-oriented practitioners in the world.
Honorary Conference Chair, Rahul De',Indian Institute of Management Bangalore said. “ICIS 2023 boasts an array of 23 research tracks covering diverse facets of AI and digital innovation. From human-technology interaction to the societal impact of AI, the program is designed to stimulate discussions on cutting-edge advancements and their implications across various sectors. In the research tracks, scholars presented cutting edge research on topics such as AI in Business and Society, Platforms and the Sharing Economy, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Governance and Digital Strategy, Future of Work, and Societal Impact of IS
"The conference theme, 'Rising Like a Phoenix: Reshaping Human Endeavors with Digital Technologies,' echoes our commitment to exploring the transformative potential of AI," Professor Rahul De, Honorary co-chair added, "ICIS 2023 serves as a nexus for global thought leaders to converge and envision the future of these technologies." 
Suprateek Sarker, Co-ChairUniversity of Virginia, USA, said, “AIS is an association of 5000 academics from 100 countries. At this global conference happening for the first time in India, Hyderabad, the participants will witness the prowess of Indian IT, cultural ethos combined with an enriching series of panel discussions, papers, and insights into latest advancements in information systems across sectors. Among the highlights is a unique lineup of cultural events with dance and sounds of India.”
Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen, Co-ChairAalto University, Finlandstated, “I am very happy that we succeeded in bringing ICIS to India. It is very good to have our international community and scholars from all over the world, meeting here in the high-tech city of Hyderabad.
Souren Paul, Co-Chair, Northern Kentucky University, USA, highlighted "At ICIS 2023, inclusivity reigns supreme as we gather diverse global perspectives— with industry participation for the first time. With just 27% of research papers making the cut on average, this conference stands as an exclusive only of a kind platform. Our commitment to inclusiveness shines through the diverse submissions from across regions, fostering a truly global dialogue. The rigorous selection processes to identify the host country is done four-year ahead. India's confirmation to host came in 2016—a journey now realized after the pandemic-induced delay of 2020, marking a significant milestone."
ICIS sessions include the IT Leadership Forum (CIO Forum), panels, symposia, workshops and keynote presentations. Business leaders from premier IT companies and start-ups, as well as those from overseas, are taking part to discuss cutting edge research. Dr. Bhaskar Ghosh, Chief Strategy Officer, Accenture gave a keynote speaker at the event. The conference was held from December 10-13.