Quantum launches DOCTOR911, healthcare services platform

15th December 2023
Quantum launches DOCTOR911,  healthcare services platform

Mumbai, December 15 2023: Quantum CorpHealth Pvt. Ltd., India's leading provider of healthcare and wellness solutions to corporates and individuals has recently unveiled DOCTOR911, a ground-breaking application that promises to transform the Indian healthcare industry. 
This  novel concept, has been designed to address how an individual's age, gender, and medical history can influence their healthcare access. Business-to-business (B2B) provider Quantum primarily interacts with CEOs, CFOs, and senior HR professionals who are responsible for the health of their employees.

Quantum founder and promoter Dr. Narendra Vankar said, "DOCTOR911 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector. As a business-to-business organisation, and as doctors ourselves,  we recognise the importance of overall health and well-being. This specially created application validates our dedication to providing unrivalled healthcare services, tailored to the demands of  both individuals and businesses, backed by a robust network of doctors and medical service providers. In addition the App is also rooted in  empathy  with users and family members who are at geographic distance from their loved ones. It is created  as a  support to  family members who require medical services and facilities. At some level, we are hoping it also fulfils the human need to  care for ones family, even when one is far apart”.
With its corporate office located in Mumbai and run by the doctor duo - Dr. Narendra Vankar and Dr. Bhavya Vankar, Quantum has been serving various corporates for over 11 years, bringing comprehensive employee healthcare and wellness solutions under one roof to over five million satisfied individuals as well as over 500 corporates.

Key Features of DOCTOR911:
Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions: The AI-powered Doctor911 is a round-the-clock healthcare service that serves Indians of all ages. With access to more than 3000 Indian medical centres & hospitals, it has the potential to drastically transform the quickly expanding healthcare industry. Equipped with one of the broadest collaborations of physicians and other seasoned medical professionals, Quantum can manage all aspects of a patient's care with efficiency. In addition, users can preserve repositories of medical records using Medilocker, a feature exclusive to the application. (OR A unique feature of the app is the Medilocker, which allows users to save and retrieve past medical records in one click. The same records can be easily available to the medical practitioners, as well)

User-friendly platform: Taking care of our loved ones demands thoughtful planning and preparation. The answer to ensuring their well-being is a yearly personalised,  preventive & pre-emptive health care program backed by DOCTOR 911's round-the-clock emergency on-call doctors and medical staff. DOCTOR911's user-friendly interface makes it simple to use for anyone, local or remote, seeking immediate medical advice and assistance through virtual consultations.
Transcending Boundaries: DOCTOR911 is strategically positioned to cater to a diverse range of markets, including B2B, B2B2C, and B2C. This inclusivity extends to both Indian and NRI populations across age groups, ensuring that Quantum's revolutionary healthcare solutions transcend geographical and age-based boundaries.
About Quantum CorpHealth Pvt. Ltd:Founded in 2012 by the doctor duo, Dr Narendra Vankar and Dr Bhavya Vankar, the company offers  an array of uniquely curated offerings under a single roof, including health and diagnostic check-ups, Tele consultations (GP/Specialists, Digital Smart Health Records, Health Audits for Corporates, Health at the doorstep (Doctors/Paramedics), Occupational Health Centres (In-house), Hospitalisation Support & Hospital OPD, Wellness Programs,  and Health Audit.