Incruiter offers hiring-as-a-service, partners with Peoplefy

09th December 2023
Incruiter  offers hiring-as-a-service,  partners with Peoplefy

Bangalore, December 9, 2023:To revolutionize the human resource management process, InCruiter, a start-up in the HR tech industry has announced its partnership with Peoplefy, one of the top Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms in India.
InCruiter has conducted over 2000 interviews for Peoplefy. InCruiter  has  also unveiled a radical system, “Fastracking” which effortlessly integrates with Peoplefy’s interview procedures making sure the process is more proficient. 
With the success of Peoplefy, InCruiter plans to launch its flagship product internationally in Dubai and the United States, taking a step towards global prominence. 
Rajesh Bharatiya, CEO at Peoplefy, said "With over 3 decades of cumulative expertise in niche talent acquisition, RPO, and recruitment services, we have designed one of the industry's most robust and cutting-edge recruitment processes. Our partnership with InCruiter marks a vital step in implementing transformative talent acquisition strategies. By harnessing the advancements in technology and innovation, we aim to redefine the hiring process, ultimately shaping a more innovative future. We eagerly anticipate the growth this partnership will facilitate, aspiring to deliver substantial value to our clients.”
InCruiter introduced an innovative AI Video Interview Software engineered to quadruple the speed of the candidate screening process at 80% less cost. Additionally, InCruiter's innovative selection process incorporates tracking for proxy interviews, and an inbuilt code compiler, ensuring a rigorous and foolproof candidate selection.  Incruiter boasts a diverse clientele exceeding 250, including esteemed names such as UST, Xebia, and Practo highlighting its broad appeal and industry recognition. 
InCruiter, formerly known as the ‘TheInterviewer’ is a  HR Tech startup that provides new-age remote hiring solutions to B2B businesses. Founded by the couple Anil Agarwal and Ritu Mathran in 2018, the company is on a mission to expedite the traditional hiring processes by 1.5X with more efficiency and accuracy. Its core products include InCServe, InCVid, InCFeed and InCExit, designed to streamline end-to-end hiring workflows of businesses, help them recruit the best talent from the market, and bring down employee attrition rate by 50%.