IIIT-B showcases its innovations at Bengaluru Tech Summit

30th November 2023
IIIT-B showcases its innovations at Bengaluru Tech Summit
The IIIT-B stall at Bengaluru Tech Summit. Bottom: Director Debabarata Das with the exhibiting team

Bangalore November 29: 2023: The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) is  taking part in the Bangalore Tech Summit 2023 with a diverse array of ground breaking initiatives spanning machine intelligence, robotics, communication technologies, and more.
"As technologies continue to reshape the landscape of innovation, our mission at IIIT Bangalore is to push boundaries through education, research, and unwavering innovation. We strive to illuminate the path toward a future where technology transforms lives and propels humanity into new frontiers.",says Prof Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT Bangalore.
IIIT-B's showcase of innovations:
IIIT-B's Machine Intelligence and Robotics Center of Excellence, MINRO, is dedicated to high-quality research in key areas such as health, urban mobility, smart cities, education technology, and e-governance. This commitment underscores IIIT-B's role in shaping the future of intelligent technologies with a focus on societal impact.
IIITB COMET Foundation: Under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical System (NM-ICPS), DST, Government of India, IIITB COMET Foundation emerges as a Technology Innovation Hub (TIH). With a primary focus on Advanced Communication Systems (ACS), the foundation aims to generate new knowledge through applied research, fostering intellectual properties, patents, publications, products, and entrepreneurship in the realm of wireless communication systems.
IIIT B Innovation Centre: Recognizing the surge in startups in India, IIIT B Innovation Centre plays a pivotal role in supporting innovators during the critical pre-incubation and incubation phases. The center's vision is to contribute to India's economic development and social well-being by enhancing the survival and growth of new tech ventures.
MOPTro Wasp by Green Zine Technologies:  A Warehouse Autonomous Sorter and Picker robot designed to enhance productivity in dark stores, E-commerce, and omnichannel warehouses.
MantisWave Networks: Empowering connectivity with the MantisWave 5G Box, offering academia and R&D labs a secure high-performance 3GPP-compliant 5G network for innovative experiments and research endeavors.
Hexa Beetle by Haveli Research & Development: An aerial robotic platform focusing on autonomous, seamless, and purposeful navigation for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, addressing specific problem statements with cost-efficient material design.
Hyperreality Technologies: Specializing in virtual and augmented reality solutions, the company's product TRAINXR is a VR Training platform designed to enhance technician and operator training in the manufacturing domain.|
Customizable Chip Design by Chipron:
Chipron's expertise lies in designing reconfigurable and customizable RISC-V system-on-chips tailored to specific power, performance, and area requirements.
Vyli by Sparcolife Digital Healthcare Technologies: A digital health platform focused on detecting and addressing stress and related co-morbidities using integrated behavioural health care printegratesl
Hapchi: Dedicated to fostering child safety through innovative solutions, Hapchi's platform integrates online resources with offline intervention, empowering children, parents, educators, and schools