Rhema provides hearing impaired children with tactile clues
These technologies help children with physical challenges – and many of them are crafted by Indians

By Anand  Parthasarathy

-        Two solutions, both crafted in India  help hearing and vision-challenged children overcome their hurdles
-        An app developed at the University of East Anglia in the UK helps  volunteers identify autistic children in India
-        The EU has tasked Tik Tok and YouTube with protecting children from harmful content

November 15, 2023: Young children who  are having to confront physical challenges – many from birth--  challenge society to  help them overcome their hurdles  and   join the rest of the world in  leading as normal a life as possible.
In recent weeks,  some dedicated innovators, both in India and abroad, have addressed this challenge and created technology tools and solutions that  help mitigate these childhood disabilities in varying measures.

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