Chennai-based inventor Samuel James launches world-first tactile wearable device for hearing impaired

Chennai, November 5, 2023: Rhema Systems, a pioneering technology company based in Chennai, has launched Rhema, a remarkable tactile wearable device that has the potential to transform the educational landscape for deaf children.
The product of a decade of intensive research and development Rhema is now poised to make history as the first and only tactile device capable of facilitating classroom learning for deaf students, integrating  with normal children with unprecedented ease and effectiveness.
Developed by Rhema Systems ( and designed by Samuel M. James, the device opens new doors for the deaf community, enhancing their educational experiences and improving their overall quality of life.
 Key Features of Rhema
 Tactile Communication: It  uses advanced tactile technology to convert spoken words and teacher instructions into tactile feedback, enabling deaf children to "feel" and understand the nuances of language and communication.
Customizable Learning Experience: The device offers multi language options, allowing students to tailor their tactile experience to their unique preferences, insteead of having to learn a specific language for a specifi purpose and expecting everyone to know the same to communicate.
Seamless Integration. It seamlessly integrates with educational materials and curriculum, ensuring a smooth transition for schools and educators looking to enhance their classroom accessibility and social integration.
Says Samuel M. James, “Rhema was born from a vision to provide a better future for deaf children, to break down barriers, and to foster inclusivity in our educational systems. We believe Rhema can help empower these young learners to excel academically and beyond."

Learn more about RHEMA here