HFCL launches multiple communications hardware products at India Mobile Congress

29th October 2023
HFCL launches  multiple  communications hardware products at India Mobile Congress

October 29, 2023: Next-gen communications product and solution provider HFCL  has launched  multiple products centred around the ongoing  India Mobile Congress 2023 in Delhi.
It has unveiled its innovative IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Routers.
Indigenously designed and developed,  its router portfolio addresses the network connectivity needs and bandwidth challenges faced by telcos and enterprises in the fast-evolving digital landscape.
The product line aims to empower telcos to backhaul 5G networks, fiber broadband networks and provide last mile connectivity to enterprises in urban metros and tier 2 cities.
These routers seamlessly integrate and inter-operate with telco’s existing network infrastructure. HFCL’s IP/MPLS routers have been designed to be compact and use industrial-grade components, making them ideal for deployment even in the most challenging environment and space-constrained locations.
HFCL have also  launched India’s first indigenous 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) solution.
HFCL’s portfolio of Indoor and Outdoor 5G FWA CPE products will accelerate broadband penetration in urban, rural areas of India and help bridge the last-mile connectivity challenge in India and other key global markets.
Built to complement wired broadband connections in areas where fibre rollout is limited, HFCL’s range of 5G FWA CPE support both 5G SA and NSA technologies across multiple Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands to offer cost-effective and fibre-like speeds to customers using the 5G network
HFCL’s 5G FWA CPE portfolio of plug-and-play devices are lightweight, compact in size, have minimum power consumption and provide customer friendly features like Wi-Fi 6 technology to connect a large number of devices at high speed and come with an AI-integrated mobile app for self-installation and assist in identifying the best location with strong signal reception.
Lastly HFCL  has launched its high-fibre count Intermittently Bonded Ribbon (IBR) Cable at the ongoing India Mobile Congress.
The  new 1728-high fibre count IBR cable offering will allow telcos and enterprises to accelerate installation of 5G network infrastructure, expand FTTH capabilities and address the rising demand for high[1]capacity networks particularly from data centres. HFCL is amongst the few companies in India and worldwide that has successfully developed this industry leading product.
HFCL is at the forefront of innovation, developing sustainable smaller duct size cables at its Hyderabad plant. Compared to traditional 864-fibre flat ribbon cables, the next-gen 1728-fiber IBR Cable offers twice the fibre packing density in the same diameter. HFCL’s gel-free IBR cable is also optimised with high productivity mass fusion splicing for cost efficient deployment, easy installation in congested areas and quick restoration in case of any accidental outage. The manufacturing of these environmentally-friendly IBR cables is further poised to result in reducing plastic consumption per unit of fibre, lowering carbon footprint and expenses associated with network maintenance and upgrades.