From Pune to Brazil, Ninjacart's agritech platforms go on stream

17th September 2023
From Pune to Brazil, Ninjacart's agritech platforms go on stream
Poona Merchants Chamber President Rajendra Bathiya inaugurating the wifi launch along with Vasudevan Chinnathambi and Harish Swaminathan, Ninjacart

Pune, September 17, 2023: Ninjacart, India's leading agri-startup is taking significant steps to modernize the agricultural ecosystem. As the first phase of this endeavour, Ninjacart has introduced free public WiFi at the APMC Staples Mandi in Gultekdi, Pune. 
Ninjacart has strategically covered an extensive area spanning 0.36 square kilometers by deploying 24 routers across 23 distinct locations within the Mandi, ensuring complete coverage. Through rigorous testing, it has been confirmed that the WiFi network now extends to every corner of the market area. This means that all agri stakeholders in the mandi, especially the traders, can now seamlessly access Ninjacart's Ninja app, which facilitates the discovery of verified traders, grants access to credit, payment guarantee solutions and enhances their overall trade operations, thus leading to improved daily business efficiency.
Says Kartheeswaran K K, CEO and Co-founder of Ninjacart: "As a tech-led company, we aim to bring digital solutions to streamline discovery and trading throughout the agricultural value chain. Many APMC yards face network connectivity challenges due to poor architectural planning, overcrowding, and restrictions on laying broadband cables. Through the provision of free internet within the market, we are modernizing the agricultural sector and granting uninterrupted internet access to all agri citizens across the value chain, empowering them to enhance their online business operations” 

Now in Brazil
Ninjacart,  has also announced a transformative partnership with Arado, formerly known as Clicampo, a prominent agribusiness marketplace based in Brazil. This landmark deal will introduce Ninjacart's cutting-edge tech platform, supply chain management solutions, and advisory services to the Brazilian market.
The adoption of Ninjacart's advanced technology will optimize its supply chain operations, boost operational efficiency and minimize wastage in Brazil. By creating seamless connectivity between farmers, retailers, and consumers, this partnership will set a new benchmark for the Brazilian agri-commerce sector, particularly in key cities like Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, and São Paulo.
Says Victor Bernardino, Founder & CEO, Arado, "This deal with Ninjacart allows us to expand our services in markets. By leveraging Ninjacart’s advanced technology and advisory services, we aim to unlock tremendous value for the agriculture sector in Brazil and beyond.”
Together, Ninjacart and Arado are poised to reshape the agri-commerce landscape in Brazil. By leveraging their core competencies and expertise, they aim to strengthen the farmer-retailer connection and drive sustainable practices to reduce food waste and enhance the quality and freshness of produce reaching the consumer.