Sinch MessageMedia launches new SMS service for Zoho Desk

15th September 2023
Sinch MessageMedia launches new SMS service  for Zoho Desk

Stockholm,  Sweden , September 15, 2023:  Sinch which powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud,  has  announced its global launch of SMS for Zoho Desk, which extends Sinch MessageMedia’s industry-leading, two-way SMS capabilities.
Deepening existing, highly-rated integrations with the Zoho Suite — SMS for Zoho Desk by Sinch MessageMedia enables customer service teams to easily manage and quickly address customer inquiries from a centralized platform, cutting down on response times and improving customer satisfaction.
“Customer service teams are integral to the success of a business — no matter the size. They shouldn’t be bogged down by siloed messaging channels, which makes it harder to support customers and frustrating for everyone involved,” said Sean O’Neal, President of SMB, Sinch. “We are proud to add to our robust portfolio of over 85 integrations with SMS for Zoho Desk by Sinch MessageMedia, fulfilling service teams’ need for centralized, real-time conversational messaging and supporting the full customer journey — from marketing and sales to service and support.”
Customer service interactions can make or break customer relationships or a brand’s reputation, with direct impacts on companies’ bottom lines. Research from Sinch MessageMedia finds that customers are 82% more likely to have a favourable impression of a brand simply by being able to engage in two-way conversations.
SMS for Zoho Desk by Sinch MessageMedia empowers businesses to take their customer support to the next level. Seamless, one-to-one conversational messaging directly within Zoho Desk eliminates the need for support teams to juggle multiple platforms, and instant, automated responses free agents up to focus on more complicated customer queries. The result: reduced strain on staff and faster ticket times.
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With offices across the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, Sinch MessageMedia is the number one choice for easy and engaging global business messaging. MessageMedia was acquired by Sinch in 2021.It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.