Leegality launches Electronic Signatures on Whatsapp

12th September 2023
Leegality launches Electronic Signatures on Whatsapp

September 12, 2023:Leegality, India’s first document infrastructure platform, has announced Whatsapp Signing Pings - a revolutionary new interface for electronic signatures in India, addressing the challenges of manual, time-consuming paperwork processes.
Through Whatsapp Signing Pings, Indian businesses can get documents signed by customers, business partners and other key stakeholders directly through Whatsapp.
Whatsapp currently has a user base of 400 million in India - a number which is projected to grow to 800 million by 2025. By embracing Leegality's Whatsapp Signing Pings, organisations can ride on the digitalization wave and empower their customers to seamlessly engage with eSign links on Whatsapp.
“In India, Whatsapp is more than an app; it's a way of life. As businesses shift their operations to Whatsapp—from banking to grocery shopping—it's only logical that signing documents should be just as easy. And Leegality’s Whatsapp Signing Pings makes it possible.” said Shivam Singla, CEO & Founder, Leegality.So many key business relationships are moving to Whatsapp - banking, ticket booking, ordering groceries from your local kirana. Everyone hates signing documents with their bank physically - why shouldn’t they be able to do this also on Whatsapp?
-Through Whatsapp Pings - businesses and customers alike stand to benefit
-Businesses will see a dramatic reduction in document signing drop-offs with customers and vendor
Customers can sign essential documents and paperwork from anywhere, anytime, in a matter of minutes
The benefits of Leegality's WhatsApp Pings integration extend beyond customer trust and convenience. In India, it emerges as the fastest way to sign a document, enabling businesses to accelerate their processes while maintaining the highest levels of security. All document invitations and notifications sent through Leegality's WhatsApp Pings are end-to-end encrypted, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the transaction.
Leegality Whatsapp Pings is available to all Indian businesses that use the Leegality platform for getting paperwork signed.
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