NVIDIA ties up with Tatas, Reliance

11th September 2023
NVIDIA  ties up with Tatas, Reliance
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and PM Narendra Modi

September 11, 2023: NVIDIA has entered into  partnerships Reliance Industries and Tata Group.
With Reliance Industries, NVIDIA said it would be building  its own large language model trained on diverse languages, which are built for India.
 Jio Platforms said that the new AI cloud infrastructure will “enable researchers, developers, startups, scientists, AI practitioners and others across India to access accelerated computing and high-speed, secure cloud networking to run workloads safely and with extreme energy efficiency”.
As part of this, NVIDIA will provide Jio with end-to-end AI supercomputer technologies including CPU, GPU, networking, and AI operating systems and frameworks for building the AI models, and Jio will manage and maintain the AI cloud infrastructure.
With the Tata Group, NVIDIA has a three-pronged plan: building and processing generative AI applications as well as upskilling the six lakh-plus employees of India’s largest IT Services company, TCS, in AI; working with Tata Motors to deploy AI across design, styling, engineering, simulation testing and autonomous vehicle capabilities; and help Tata Communications build AI infra.
Earlier  after meetingNvidias CEO Jensen Huang, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: Had an excellent meeting with Mr. Jensen Huang, the CEO of @nvidia We talked at length about the rich potential India offers in the world of AI. Mr. Jensen Huang was appreciative of the strides India has made in this sector and was equally upbeat about the talented youth of India.