GapMaps study surveys India’s Cafe Retail Network

22nd August 2023
GapMaps  study surveys  India’s Cafe Retail Network

Mumbai, August 22, 2023: GapMaps, a cloud-based data intelligence platform used by brands to pinpoint optimal locations for its physical stores, has released its first Café Retail Network Report in India for 2023. The report tracks store counts and market penetration of 9 leading Café brands.
The bi-annual report monitored 9 brands in nearly 1,800 locations across India, revealing that Café Coffee Day holds the most prominent store network with over 400 locations despite up to 1,000 store closures over the past three years.
Barista has the second-largest store network in India with 350 locations across the country followed closely by Starbucks with 340 stores. Other tracked brands include Chaayos and Theobroma that also maintain sizable store networks, each with over 150 locations.
Whilst the top 3 brands have store networks across the majority of the 26 cities with over 20 lakh residents, the report shows they only operate store networks across half of the Tier-1c cities with 10-20 lakh residents, and only 20% of the 75 Tier 2 cities with populations ranging from 5 lakh to 10 lakh residents.
In cities with less than 5 lakh residents, the store networks of the tracked brands are relatively limited. Typically, these smaller cities only have stores present if there is an additional significant driver of sales beyond the local residents, such as a major passing highway, a tourist precinct, or a satellite/commuter city.
Says Andrew Smith, Director of Economics and Research at GapMaps: “Our report provides valuable insights into the competitive landscape in the Café sector in India as brands continue to grow their networks across the country. Even after adjusting for incomes, the store provision of the major brands is relatively low by international standards and there remains ample opportunity for store growth within major cities across India.  In addition, continued income growth across the country will further increase the addressable market and store potential for these brands," said
“In order to pinpoint emerging growth opportunities, more brands in India across Fast Food, Fitness, Café and Supermarket/ Grocery sectors are using GapMaps Live to access the very latest insights on competitor locations, resident and worker populations, household income and spending and other demographic data right down to a very granular level to confidently make accurate store location decisions.”
GapMaps’ first Café Retail Network Report for India in 2023 illustrates the sector's notable growth opportunities for brands looking to expand their store networks in the region. Moreover, the favourable economic climate is anticipated to accelerate this growth and open the door for more brands to emerge and thrive in the country.
Founded in 2013, GapMaps is an Australian built- and owned company that makes it easy for businesses to make better location decisions by integrating the latest socio demographic, economic, customer and competitor Intel on one simple-to-use platform called GapMaps Live
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