Aarika Innovations offers industrial safety solution,ILOTO

18th August 2023
Aarika Innovations offers industrial safety solution,ILOTO

August 18, 2023: Raipur-based Aarika Innovation  has recently unveiled ‘ILOTO - Smart Interlocking’ to revolutionize machine safety, offering protection against unauthorized access to machine guards.
Traditional safety measures have often fallen short in preventing unauthorized access to machine guards, exposing workers to potential hazards. ILOTO's intelligent interlocking system is  claimed to bea game-changer.
By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, ILOTO ensures that machine guards remain impenetrable to unauthorized personnel. Its design incorporates state-of-the-art sensors, access controls, and real-time monitoring to create a robust safeguarding solution. This smart interlocking mechanism guarantees that only authorized personnel with the requisite credentials can access the guarded area, mitigating the risk of accidents and unauthorized operations.
Says Swayam Agrawal, Founder & CEO Aarika Innovations: "The inception of ILOTO stemmed from our unwavering commitment to redefine safety standards in industries across the globe. At Aarika Innovation, we believe that every worker deserves a safe environment, and ILOTO reflects our determination to make this a reality. With our Smart Interlocking technology, we envision a future where accidents due to unauthorized access become obsolete. Our journey has been fueled by innovation, and ILOTO is a testament to the relentless dedication of our team. We are not just creating a product; we are shaping a safer world."