How resilient is India's Internet network?

09th August 2023
How resilient is India's Internet network?

August 9 2023: India’s Internet  ranks  behind neighbours Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal but ahead of Pakistan  when rated for its resilienc. This is the finding of  the annual study by the non profit Internet Society titled Pulse Internet Resilience Index (IRI).
India’s IRI is 43% to Bhutan’s 58%, Bangladesh 51%, Maldives 54% percent and Sri Lanka 47 %.
This tracks open-source Internet resiliency metrics to support policy-makers in their decisions related to improving the Internet’s resilience at a local, regional, and global level.
The COVID-19 pandemic underlined the importance of reliable Internet connectivity for everyone. While the Internet’s infrastructure was largely able to cope with the sudden surge in use during stay-at-home orders, the limitations of other supporting components, such as security, performance, and supporting markets, have come to the fore.
The IRI draws upon more than 20 open data sources and uses best practice methodologies to calculate a snapshot of a country’s Internet resilience in terms of its:

  • Infrastructure — The existence and availability of physical infrastructure that provides Internet connectivity.
  • Performance — The ability of the network to provide end-users with seamless and reliable access to Internet services.
  • Security — The ability of the network to resist intentional or unintentional disruptions through the adoption of security technologies and best practices.
  • Market Readiness — The ability of the market to self-regulate and provide affordable prices to end-users by maintaining a diverse and competitive market.