Indian maps and navigation app Mappls MapMyIndia is now No. 1 in Apple store

New Delhi,July25 2023: Leading India-based mapping and navigation software company, MapmyIndia has announced that its Mappls MapmyIndia app, has become the No. 1 App across all categories on the Apple iOS App Store, besides being the No. 1 App in the Navigation category.
Google Maps is No. 7 on the Apple App Store.
Additionally, Mappls App is also the No. 1 App in the Maps & Navigation category on the Android Google Play Store. Mappls App is amongst the Top 15 apps, across all categories, in the Google Play Store - ahead of any other app in similar categories (Maps & Navigation, as well as Travel & Local). Google Maps is not amongst the Top 100 apps in Google Play Store.
Mappls app comes with unique features - such as 3D Junction Views, Road Speed Limit Alerts, Trip Toll & Fuel Cost Estimates, and Safety Alerts for upcoming Speed Breakers, Sharp Curves, Potholes etc - that are immensely helpful to users across India and which are not available in the foreign default map apps.  Mappls app has been developed completely in India.
Mappls App works on AndroidiOS & Web (on and even Android Auto & CarPlay in the car. Users can visit as well as the Google Play Store & Apple App Store to download it. More information about Mappls App  here: