TRAI makes recommendations to telecom sector on AI and Big Data

24th July 2023
TRAI makes recommendations to  telecom sector on AI and Big Data
At the intersection of AI and Big Data in teleom sector. Image: Freepik

New Delhi, July 24, 2023: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has  released its recommendations on ‘Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Telecommunication Sector’.  
The National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP)- 2018 seeks unlocking of the transformative power of digital communications networks for achieving the goal of digital empowerment. It  motivates towards harnessing the power of emerging digital technologies, including 5G, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and BD to catalyse the fourth industrial revolution. In order to create a roadmap for AI, emerging technology and its use in the communication sector, Department of Telecommunication (DoT) sought recommendation of TRAI on “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in a synchronised and effective manner to enhance the overall quality of service, spectrum management, network security and reliability”
AI being a developing technology, a virtual conference on “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data (BD) in the Telecom Sector” was organised by the TRAI on August  5-6 2020. The conference served as a platform to engage with industry experts, telecom service providers, and leading solution providers to gain insights into AI/ML from a telecom perspective.
A workshop on "Metaverse" was conducted on September 2022 22 by TRAI to understand the various dimensions of emerging technologies including AI.
TRAI organized another workshop on "Metaverse: Understanding and Regulatory Framework" on December 5 2022. The workshop aimed to explore the concept, challenges, and opportunities of the metaverse and AI as well as the possible regulatory implications. 
Based on the comments of the stakeholders, discussion during thOpe House Discussion and analysis thereof, the Authority has finalized these Recommendations. In view of the impact of AI in all sectors, the framework which has to be suggested for telecom cannot be treated in isolation and hence a common framework covering all the sectors is being proposed.
The salient features of the recommendations are as follows: Adoption of AI in Telecom Sector
DoT should collaborate with Access Service Providers for enhancing the capability of currently deployed systems through use of AI/ML and other new technologies, in order to analyse the data on real-time basis for verification of the total number of mobile connections (across Access Service Providers and across LSAs) against the limit set by DoT. 
DoT’s Telecom Security Operation Centre (TSOC) should deploy AI/ML and other new technologies-based tools for generating alerts to minimize network security threats. 
For effective redressal of grievances of telecom customers, AI/ML and other new technologies should be used on data that should flow from networks and redressal systems of Access Service Providers to dash boards of DoT Public Grievance Unit. 
TRAI recommendations in full here