Prowess Selling Skills partners Rural Relations, to enable rural outreach for Distribution Companies

27th May 2023
Prowess Selling Skills partners Rural Relations, to enable rural outreach for Distribution Companies

Mumbai, May 27, 2023: The largest potential for any consumer product or services company in India is in the rural market, Bharat as we all call it.
However, this market segment often gets overlooked as companies tend to avoid them due to cost reasons. But this segment has a lot of potential waiting to be tapped. India’s rural markets accounted for almost 35% of the 5 trillion annual turnover and grew almost double the rate or urban areas between 2014 and 2020.
To tap into this huge potential, Prowess Selling Skills Pvt. Ltd. (PSSPL) and Rural Relations have entered a strategic partnership to help brands increase their rural outreach and build a stronger connect with consumers in those regions. With this strategic tie-up, PSSPL will leverage its extensive rural network of over 18,500 + villages across seven states in India developed by Rural Relations, to deliver last mile sales connectivity to consumer products/services companies in the country. This will help these companies increase their market penetration in the rural markets.
The extensive connect of Rural relations is aimed over next years to extend to around 80,000 “hub” villages which will make impact 5 lakhs villages in India.
PSSPL and Rural Relations in the combined partnership will invest close to 4,000 lacs over the next two years to strengthen its rural reach to almost every nook and corner of rural India.
"Rural communities are an important part of our country's economy, and we believe that they deserve access to quality consumer goods," said Sunil Davis Kolangaden, CEO of PSSPL. "Through this partnership, we hope to strengthen our network mobilization/infrastructure offering towards rural and deep rural penetration and bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, to provide rural consumers with the same choices as their urban counterparts."
"Rural Relations’ mission is towards reaching every village from the perspective of overall upliftment through various marketing/awareness efforts, employment generation … (making them self- sufficient). This alliance with PSSPL will provide us a structured platform, technology support and speed to achieve this mission faster" added Pradeep Lokhande, founder of Rural Relations.
Puneet Kulraj, Director of Vector Consulting Group and PSSPL, said “This partnership has the potential to have a significant impact on the rural economy, as it will create new employment opportunities and generate economic activity in rural areas. It will also help brands increase their market penetration.”
Prowess Selling Skills Pvt. Ltd. (PSSPL) offers consumer product distribution enterprises full-stack Sales as a Service. Vector Consulting Group incubated it as a bootstrapped start-up. PSSPL's corporate office is in Thane, and its development centre is in Pune. It provides a one-of-a-kind combination of a strong on-the-ground workforce and technical infrastructure for retailer enrolment, sales order capture, influencer enrolment, and business analytics. It gives users access to a database of one million stores in tier one and two cities across all product categories. Visit for more information.
Rural Relations Ltd: Pradeep Lokhande, a social entrepreneur for over 30 years, developed Rural Relations. His background includes well-known companies such as HUL, P&G, and TATA, among others, which have become well-known case studies of his work. In the last four years, the company has collected data on 7.6 lakh pupils (with a target of 15 lahks by July 2023), 50,000 technicians, 3,000 earth-moving vehicle mechanics, and the media habits of 5,800 villages. Rural relations has a well-established infrastructure and rural connect model that allows for the rapid implementation of any activity. He has been involved in a number of social activities in recent years. Some of these initiatives include the installation of 28,300 old computers in five states, the establishment of 5,350 Gyan-key libraries in eight states, and the establishment of 490 Fit-key and audiobook libraries. Visit