Closed group e-buying comes to India, courtesy benefitsPLUS

20th July 2011
Closed group e-buying comes to India, courtesy benefitsPLUS
Paul Shoker,CEO benefitsPLUS... the clout of collective buying power

Delhi based, ISO 9001:2008 certified benefitsPLUS has quickly acquired over 100 corporate customers for whom they create and manage incentive, loyalty, privilege and reward solutions for employees. In essence benefitsPLUS, puts together catalogues with over 5000 products and services from top brands which employees can access online to obtain discounts of up to 90% on MRP.

"The winning combination is privilege plus deep discounts", explains benefits PLUS CEO and founder Paul Shoker, " We strive at getting and give exclusive privileges to all our members. We guarantee the best quality and 100% genuine products which come with standard manufacturer's warranty".

Such benefits are possible because the collective purchasing power of the employees in multiple companies can be leveraged effectively to obtain great deals. Last month benefits PLUS which seems to be exploring virgin territory in this line of business, quickly strengthened its portfolio by acquiring two synergistic companies: the online e-commerce player Snowball e-Retail Services and the daily deals platform,

However, post -acquisition, Koovs will also continue to serve a wider public in its b2c avatar, Shoker clarified.

Motivating employee es with such benefits is something relatively new in the Indian corporate environment. benefitsPlus might just be the push that becomes shove -- and propels Indian enterprises to win employee loyalty by making their purses a Godfather-like 'offer they can't refuse'.
July 22 2011