CRED launches UPI-based peer-to-peer payments

18th April 2023
CRED launches UPI-based peer-to-peer payments

April 18, 2023: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments on UPI are used everywhere- from settling bills after a lunch with friends, paying for daily and monthly essentials, or even sending money to loved ones on special occasions. While UPI has created a revolution in digital payments with a focus on utility, CRED seeks to move beyond being transactional- creating an elevated UPI experience for members.
With CRED UPI P2P, members get access to a trusted and rewarding payment experience, when they ‘pay anyone’ - be it CRED members, or non-members; by searching their contact list, adding phone numbers, or UPI id’s. 
The new payment experience has been introduced after the launch of Scan & Pay, which allows members to ‘pay everywhere’ through UPI. Members now have multiple payment options available to them on CRED-  from offline payments (UPI P2P, Scan & Pay, Tap to Pay), online merchant payments (CRED Pay, CRED flash) and bill payments. 
Key features of CRED’s UPI P2P Experience:  
Payment Reminders for Recurring Transactions: 
While using the UPI P2P experience on CRED, members can access ‘smart recommendations’ which provide them reminders on recurring payments. 
Nudges for Payment Protection: CRED will provide proactive nudges in potentially risky payment scenarios, making transactions safer. These nudges show up when members make payments while on call, or during high-value transactions. 
Custom VPA for Enhanced Privacy: CRED Protect will actively nudge members to protect their identity through a system generated alias UPI ID- helping them mask personal details like mobile numbers and ensuring privacy. Once Custom VPAs are activated, payments will be made via members’ alias UPI ID by default. 
WIN-WIN for delightful payments: When a member uses the UPI P2P experience for payments to ‘special contacts’, the WIN-WIN feature is activated. This lets both the payer and recipient get rewarded through cashbacks credited to one’s CRED balance. This balance can be redeemed on any bill payment or store transaction on CRED. Apart from WIN-WIN, members will earn cashbacks and rewards on every payment they make using CRED P2P.