3DOT to launch NFT for content creators

07th April 2023
3DOT to launch NFT for content creators

Chennai  April 7 2023: 3DOT Corp., India’s youngest Blockchain technology company, founded in 2023 today launched India’s newest NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) marketplace for content creators, creative artists and collectors of NFT tokens
The 3DOT NFT Marketplace focuses on delivering quality token minting and trading solutions in a strong secure environment, thereby delivering the most seamless user experience
Launched in early 2023, 3DOT Corp. is a leading state-of-the-art NFT Marketplace and platform Development Company based in Chennai, India and Palo Alto in the US
The 3DOT NFT marketplace platform is designed to offer buying, selling, and trading of non-fungible tokens through its marketplace with user experience further enhanced by the 3DOT proprietary Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO)
The 3DOT marketplace comes with unique features such as Lazy Minting where the buyer can pay for the gas fee used in minting the 3DOT Non-Fungible Token as some creators may not have the money to pay for minting new tokens. The 3DOT marketplace is an easy publishes, bid and trade system, where all influencers promoting the project will get rewards in the form of 3DOT Tokens for their help. 3DOT Tokens will be the dominant digital currency that is used for transactions in the marketplace.
In terms of valuation at the point of the 3DOT marketplace launch, the Pre-Sale value is designated at US$ 500,000 with each token being 0.50 US$. The Floor Price or the Minimum price for the 3DOT token collection will be limited at 0.0002 ETH (Ether crypto) which at current Rupee Trading value would be pegged at INR 31.5.
3DOT Corp also plans to launch the marketplace in Bangkok, Thailand as part of the South East Asian marketplace expansion strategy, which is the highest area for crypto and NFT trading.