Quick Commerce was the topmost growth category in India mobile traffic, finds Truecaller study

02nd April 2023
Quick Commerce was the topmost growth category in India mobile traffic, finds Truecaller study

April 2, 2023: Truecaller, the world’s leading spam and scam protection and detection platform, has launched the second edition of the Mobile Product Growth Trends Report 2022.
The report leverages insights from Truecaller Verification SDK to provide an in-depth analysis of the growth trends of mobile users in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities of India during 2022.
The report further highlights the factors driving user acquisition and engagement and provides insights into the growth trends shaping the digital ecosystem's future. The insights from this report will help enterprises and startups to understand how the ecosystem is evolving and develop strategies that will enable them to create frictionless digital customer experiences in 2023.
The mobile industry in India has seen significant growth in recent years, and 2022 was no exception. As more and more people rely on smartphones for their everyday needs, it presents a lucrative opportunity for digital platforms to analyze the varying user influx and identify the underlying drivers. Truecaller’s Mobile Product Growth Trends Report shares valuable insights about India's top growth and adoption categories: Quick Commerce, FinTech, Fantasy Sports, Social and Content, Job Portals, and Online Travel Agencies.
“A frictionless user verification is the foundation to improving app adoption and driving user growth. Our Instant User Verification solution is based on this philosophy, helping customers with quick logins and checkouts on apps and digital storefronts. With this report, we want to extend our learnings to the product development community with critical app adoption insights and trends to help them chart out the next phase of product growth”, says Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM & Developer Products, Truecaller for Business.
Highlights from the Report:
-In 2022, Quick Commerce was the topmost growth category (144%) due to a pandemic-induced behavior surge; Job portals, the top growth category for 2021, faced pushback due to a flat job market.
-Quick Commerce contributed 72% of traffic in Tier 1 cities, with Sundays recording the highest user traffic.
-Social & Content apps saw a 112.64% growth rate, with Tier 2 cities bagging the top growth Tier, driving new India’s growth story.
-Fantasy & Sports Apps saw consistent growth, with IPL, Asia Cup, and ICC T20 Cricket World Cup contributing the most to the trend. The segment, which witnessed a growth of 71.50% in 2022, recorded the highest growth in Tier 2 cities.
 -Across categories, Tier 2 cities saw the highest growth percentage, with cities such as Patna witnessing a 277.5% growth rate and Jaipur witnessing a growth rate of 275.7%. Top Tier 3 cities included Hisar and Mohali at 289% and 232%, respectively.
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