Reliance foundation book documents 8 data-driven Indian initiatives

14th March 2023
Reliance foundation book documents 8 data-driven Indian initiatives

New Delhi, March 14, 2023Micro Matters: Using Data for Development in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a publication by Reliance Foundation and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) on how data is driving social impact at the grassroots, was releasedrecently at the Raisina Dialogue 2023.
The book is the third in a series by Reliance Foundation and ORF about transformations in development and governance
Micro Matters explores eight interventions by organisations in India that are advancing the country’s D4D agenda by gathering data; processing it to evolve insights; translating insights into actions; and making a social impact.  It also identifies key replicable lessons from the design and execution of these initiatives
Says Jagannatha Kumar, CEO, Reliance Foundation,  “Micro Matters shows how organisations in India use data to drive sustainable development in healthcare, education, disaster preparedness, women’s empowerment, and agriculture. With India recognised by many as representing the interests of the Global South both within and beyond the G20, there is no better time than now to integrate the principles of D4D into the global development agenda.”
Lessons from Micro Matters
The eight D4D-related lessons from Micro Matters are: (i) Amalgamate tech-based data collection with the use of legacy datasets and knowledge; (ii) Use dashboards to communicate real-time data and trends to decision-makers; (iii) Optimise the use of emerging technologies to collect and analyse data; (iv) Incorporate ancillary services into the design of D4D interventions; (v) Build trust by ensuring data confidentiality and security; (vi) Visualise the scalability and replicability of D4D projects from their conception; (vii) Provide alternate solutions where connectivity and access are a challenge; and (viii) Work collaboratively and adopt a multi-stakeholder approach.
From AI for smallholder farmers to dashboards for maternal health, the real-life experiences in the publication go beyond data and interventions, and offer pathways for lasting change.

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