Cropin's agritech solution now available on AWS

31st January 2023
Cropin's agritech solution now available on AWS

Bangalore, January 31 2023: Leading agritech company Cropin,  has announced that its farm digitization software, Cropin Grow, is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.
The AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that allows customers to easily find, purchase, and deploy third-party software and services to build solutions on the AWS platform. With Cropin Grow now available on the AWS Marketplace, agri-industry players and governments worldwide will be able to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and use data to reimagine agriculture.
Cropin Grow is designed to be a powerful tool in a connected and digitally-enabled agriculture ecosystem. The platform, developed over a decade of innovation, aims to use technology to solve real-world problems in agriculture, such as connectivity issues, climate change, supply chain disruptions, food waste, and food security. By making every farm asset traceable, predictable, and sustainable, Cropin Grow empowers industry stakeholders to manage risks, increase productivity, maximize revenue and profit, and optimize resources. This platform is used by enterprises, governments, and development agencies to deliver value to all participants in the food value chain.
Cropin's extensive experience in implementing global digital and predictive intelligence-based solutions allows customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The availability of Cropin Grow on the AWS Marketplace further enhances the value for agribusinesses by providing worldwide platform access and enterprise-grade performance, regardless of the user's location