HP's India team creates e-Print solution across printers

09th July 2011
HP's India team creates e-Print solution across printers
We couldn't resist adding a bit to the photo of HP's Vyomesh Joshi at the New Delhi press event July 7 2011

Hard on the heels of the mid-June executive realignments at Hewlett Packard, Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice-President, Imaging and Printing Group who was additionally charged with “cross-business initiatives focused on expanding HP’s market share in India”, paid his first visit to this country last week. He was here to kickstart what the company sees as a 120 billion pages opportunity in India in the next three years.
A central message at the media event in Delhi was his affirmation of the innovations flowing from HP’s India-based developers. “I am proud to say that some of the critical innovation around web-connected and cloud printing are being done by our engineers in India", he said.
The company's India R&D hub for imaging and printing is leading critical innovation around web connected and cloud printing. The team has made significant contributions to the web-connected printer program, including key innovation such as the development of email printing capability (ePrint) a year ago. Since July 2010, the R&D team has worked on enabling a PrintApp ecosystem and ePrint on most of HP's printer lines.

HP ePrint technology lets one print at personal convenience—from across town, or across the room—using any email-capable device.Simply send photos or documents to a web-connected printer and pick up the pages later. The process is as easy as sending an email—no software setup required.
Print apps work by pulling Web content from the Internet - text, photos, and graphics - into nicely formatted printed pages you can choose and print directly from your printer. Print apps provide easy access to selected popular and useful content. There are also print apps that support scheduled delivery, which allows you to set up your own personal schedule to print content automatically on set days/times, if you wish.
The  HP India team has also been involved in developing the first version of IPG's web platform and the first set of applications for low-end consumer printers allowing users to undertake paper-triggered web tasks.
Joshi who met customers, partners, employees and government officials across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, said India's printing industry is being redefined for business transformation by many significant trends like content explosion, mobility and web-driven new usage models, a movement from analogue to digital, and service-driven business models.
one of HP’s key priorities is to deliver unique and innovative market-specific solutions to customers. Both China and India are critical markets to HP and while Joshi has been asked to focus on China, Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, will concentrate on China. July 10 2011