Startup innovations and products launched at BTS 2022

20th November 2022
Startup innovations and products launched at BTS 2022
Former Director of IIIT Bangalore,Prof S.Sadagopan, speaking at the launch of 22 startup products

November  20 2022: The Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S & T, Government of Karnataka launched 22 innovative products/solutions by startups on the 2nd day of the 25th edition of Bengaluru Tech Summit.
The innovative products/solutions developed are multi-disciplinary and are sector agnostic,
ranging from IT/ITeS, Agri-Tech, Med-Tech, Health care, Clean-Tech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Edu-Tech, Block chain, IoT, Cybersecurity, EV and ESDM. 
The products/ solutions include: Electronic based devices using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT (Internet of Things) for health care, charging of EVs, experience seamless billing solutions, PPE, Solid Waste Management, Effluent Water Treatment, Apps to prevent fraudulent transactions, authenticate fabric, real time AR/VR experience and Deep Tech based platforms for Quality Assessment.
Majority of the startups are incubated in Government of Karnataka supported incubators such as K-tech Innovation Hubs, Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) anchored by C-CAMP, IISc, associations like NASSCOM and IAMAI and have developed these innovative products/solutions using the state of art facilities available at the K-tech Innovation Hubs/ CoEs. Some startups are also recipient of the Government’s Idea2PoC (Proof of Concept) ELEVATE Grant- in-aid seed funding program for startups. Out of the 22 startups, 04 are Women-led startups.
List of innovative products/solutions launched
Sl.No. / Name of the Startup / Sector / Product Description
1 Faunatech Solutions Agri-Tech Fauna - A novel smartphone-based handheld diagnostics platform for early detection of critical diseases, monitoring cattle health and screening milk quality at the farm level, and reducing antibiotic usage.
2 CareNX Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Med-Tech Fetosense - a smartphone enabled Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) monitoring device to perform Non-stress Test (NST) & CardioTocoGraphy (CTG) Test - to early identify prematurity.
3Nanosafe Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Health Care NSafe mask (patent filed), India’s first copper treated antimicrobial mask, reusable for 50 washes, with filtration standards certified by SITRA. RubSafe sanitising lotion and AqCure water bottle developed by us are the first of its kind active copper imbibed prolonged protection sanitising lotion and antimicrobial water bottles respectively.
4 Samasti Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Med-Tech Svasthya is a remote clinical decision assistance platform provides health equity by connecting the right doctors to the patients for timely medical intervention, clinical assessment, triage and care co-ordination with referal pathways.
5 Tellus habitat Pvt. Ltd. Clean-TechTellus's novel technology and proprietary smart automation, can produce consistent health safe effluent water quality with 5x lesser OPEX and maintenance cost than conventional treatment technologies.
6 Aikenist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Med-Tech Aikenist provides Innovative and Patented QuickScan technology which reduces MRI scanning time by half using AI software.
7 RootsGoods Pvt. Ltd. Agri-Tech An AI Deep tech based quality Assessmentplatform of agricultural crops post-harvest presently focusing on maize.
8 Labezy Medtech Pvt. Ltd. Med-Tech Cancer screening device will be used as tool for screening breast cancer through its trans illumination method.
9 Drona Automations Clean-Tech Horizontal Sewer Pipe Cleaning Robot (HSPCR – 1) can travel inside pipe sizes ranging from 3 inches to 5 inches and clean them. This Robot can also be used for descaling and sludge removal and inspection of sewer pipes.
10 Sivi AI AI - is world's first AI that automatically turns ideas into visual designs for campaigns, ads, social posts, website content, and more. Sivi generates editable designs within 2 minutes
11 Bohni Tech Pvt. Ltd. IT/ITeS Boni App is an app where businesses like street vendors can easily register, add their product and services and begin to receive orders from customers as well as market themselves better to customers
12 Perceived Design Pvt. Ltd. Edu-Tech (3D-AR-VR) enables teachers to create XR Content XR Lessons and XR Assessments in a few clicks
13 Karpine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Blockchain/ IoT SelfCheckout: Enhance customer experience in the store using an automated 1-click self-checkout.
14 Napid Cybersec Pvt. Ltd. Cybersecurity  1napID Zero-Factor Authenticator  napID Fraud Filter Layer enables the login form only for authorized users, hence the stolen password becomes useless.2.  napID MFA Secure your MFA needs with napID Zero-Factor Authentication to authenticate the authorized users instead of keystrokes. With napID MFA, passwords will be the second factor.3.  napID Passwordless Login Simply login with the user id without any password by authenticating the authorized users instead of alphabets and numbers.
15 Kosha Design Labs IoT Coin cell based IoT device which can measure productivity of handlooms
16 Marcn Technologies (Flextron EV) EV FLEXTRON 3.3Kw IoT-enabled EV charge point. It is capable of charging 2,3 and 4-wheeler EVs.
17 Dosetap IoT DoseTap is a smart pill box which connects to a mobile application via Bluetooth. It contains a housing to store medications for the whole week as per prescribed dosage time and contains an integrated circuit board with sensors to track patient usage.
18 Mialo IoT Sensilance (sense + surveillance), enables computers with human-like abilities of hearing, seeing, reasoning, and learning by transforming pixel and sensor data from videos, images, documents and other sources into actionable insights.
19 ibloom HealthTech IoT iBloom is an IoT device for a prognosis heart attack at home using doctor-assisted Ai and drone delivery of first aid AED defibrillator devices at home
20 Agnit Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. ESDM Gallium Nitride semiconductor components enable radio-frequency and power electronic circuits in diverse applications such as 5G base- stations, next-generation radars and efficient
power converters for fast charging of EVs.
21 Theranautilus Pvt. Ltd. Med-Tech Theradrive and Magnetic nanobots - reaching the entire depths within the dentinal tissues to ensure a thorough cleaning by targeting antibiotic resistant (AMR) bacterial colonies using heat-
based method that are out of reach with the current state of the art tools.
22 INFAB Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. ESDM
Multi Project Wafer (MPW) Platform provides customers with cost-effective access to MEM prototyping and a seamless transition into volume manufacturing