SkyE Air partners Vegrow for vegetable delivery by drone in Himachal Pradesh

15th November 2022
SkyE Air partners Vegrow for vegetable delivery by drone in Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi, November 15, 2022: India’s leading drone delivery firm, Skye Air Mobility, has joined hands with Vegrow in Himachal Pradesh to conduct drone delivery trials to carry over 100 kgs of apples from farmland to the Vegrow Hub.
Vegrow is India’s leading firm in the fruit business. The company is in the business of selling fresh fruits and vegetables, with an addressable market size of $43 billion. The tech platform collaborates with farmers through partnerships, aggregating supply, and selling to organized demand.
The partners conducted  the 3-day trials at Nichar in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh,from  November 11. Skye Air has used its most reliable UAV, Skye Ship One, to facilitate real-time deliveries. For the trials, Skye Ship One,  carried a payload of 5 kg per flight and 4-8 flights were  completedevery day. Following the completion of these three days of trials, Vegrow  will make a business case to roll out drone deliveries at scale within the region.
Said Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air: “We are happy to announce our association with Vegrow for the deliveries of Agri-Commodity (Fruits) in the State of Himachal Pradesh. This association is significant as it highlights the role of drone technology in transporting Agri-commodity in the tough terrains like Himachal Pradesh. Farmers are the backbone of our great nation and through our drone services, we will assist in easing their produce reach to Vegrow hub in the fastest manner possible. At present, it takes more than 2-3 hours for the farmers today to deliver the produce to the Vegrow Hub; With Skye Air drones, this is being shortened to minutes. With Vegrow, we plan to take this to higher scale within the state; said
Added Shobhit Jain, Co-Founder, Vegrow:"We are excited to work with Skye Air on this revolutionary project and hope to bring as much technology to the fruit industry as possible to help farmers across the country maximize their returns ".
Skye Air has successfully delivered over 7,20,000 packages across India during the last few months. n July, Skye Air Mobility entered into an agreement with HPSEDC (H.P. State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.) to lend its support by offering delivery as a service throughout the State of Himachal Pradesh.