MapMyIndia helps Delhi govt to create live chart of EV charging stations

New Delhi: October 3 2022: The Government of National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and MapmyIndia Mappls  have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a web-application which will be a geo spatial decision-making tool to ensure effective sighting of EV charging stations.
The tool will supplement the planning and deployment of an accessible and connected network of EV charging stations within the city. The tool is currently equipped with the following levels of information:
-Location coordinates of existing charging stations/points in Delhi along with their specifications (AC-001, DC-001, LEVC-01, or CCS-Type II).
Location coordinates of the EV consumer (locality, vehicle segment and variant name)
-Location coordinates of the upcoming 100 public charging stations that were previously tendered out by  the Government of NCT of Delhi.
The web-application is equipped to identify locations of existing Government buildings, housing complexes, shopping centres, hospitals and nursing homes which have high dwell time for vehicles. As EVs are charged when they are idle, these locations can be assessed for setting up charging points to support the charging requirement of electric vehicles in the city. This information can be further detailed with a layer of affluency to determine income levels of residents and use it to determine the vehicle profile and therefore charging requirements of the people in an area .
The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy envisions to achieve 25% of all new registrations to be EVs by 2024. Considering the Policy’s focus on mass adoption of electric 2 and 3 wheelers vehicle segment, it is critical for the city to provide for an accessible and adequate network of charging infrastructure. So far, Delhi has 2552 charging points across 1985 charging locations and 234 swapping stations operational in Delhi. Furthermore, the city will add approximately 900 public charging points and 100 swapping stations across 100 locations. EV charging at these stations can be availed for INR. 2.50 per unit of electricity.
Says Principal Secretary-cum-Commissioner(Transport) Ashish Kundra: “This partnership will allow the Department of Transport to support the development of a customizable tool for decision making. The tool could be used for planning and identifying locations for deploying charging stations in the city.” he added “Moreover, the tool will also have the potential to map information with regards to average distance/movement of the vehicles, which can be instrumental to provide accessible public charging stations/battery swapping infrastructure for vehicles with high utilisation for instance, vehicles operated by fleet operators and fleet aggregators.”
Adds Rohan Verma, CEO & ED, MapmyIndia: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Delhi’s march towards becoming the EV Capital of India, and for Delhi to become a cleaner, greener and better place. MapmyIndia Mappls mGIS maps & technology platform will be used to provide a decision-making tool to enable the same.”