Sub-K serves the unbanked with scalable digital solutions

27th September 2022
Sub-K serves the unbanked with scalable digital solutions
The faces of Sub-K.. serving the small business person

Introducing a startup that takes microcredit, insurance, loans to India's little entrepreneurs...
 September 27 2022: Sub-k, a Hyderabad-based startup that works with a vision to provide a technology-enabled transactional platform to the unbanked population. It offers affordable, accessible and scalable digital payment solutions to the BoP segment in rural and urban areas.
Founded in 2010, Sub-k offers services including microcredit, insurance, pensions, farm loans, personal loans, vehicle loans to the business of micro-entrepreneurs. It also leverages facilities such as Government payments to citizens, Aadhaar card, PAN card services to its customers. The company has  4000 outlets, providing these services to more than three million under-banked households and micro-enterprises across India on behalf of multiple banks as a business correspondent. The company is operational in 26 states with more than 300 districts of India and manages a loan portfolio of Rs 800 crore for various banks. It currently works in partnership with various banks including State Bank of India, RBL Bank, Axis Bank, and Kotak Mahindra, and others.
Sub-K is a second generation enterprise, which is actually an offspring of a larger group called Basix. It has  pioneered a lot of financial inclusion initiatives from a century back. Sub-K tries to reach out to the last person to do a real time technology solution that will enable them to bank like anybody else, and they  don’t have to visit a bank branch as the bank branch was only accessible for the people in town and infrastructure was not that great in the rural front. Sub-K set up a payment platform, which is state of the art and  works in a basic phone which enables real time transactions through local biometrics
Sasidhar Thumuluri led company operates, manages, and controls inclusive transactions on an end-to-end basis through recruiting, training and equipping local entrepreneurs as Business Correspondent (BC) agents. The agents serve as human ATMs at the last mile of connectivity between the Bank and the end consumer, through mobile/kiosk-based technology.
Since 2015 onwards, Sub-K has added credit, as service payments were already there, accounts were opened, transfers are happening.  Over a period of time, technology played a big role in making that happen at scale. Currently, Sub-K processes around 10,000 crores of banking transactions on this platform and 5000 Plus crores of loans have been facilitated. The idea behind is to democratize finance.