Nyaya portal makes the law simple for lay persons

16th August 2022
Nyaya portal makes the law simple for lay persons

August 16 2022: Nyaaya is an open-access, free-to-use digital resource, that provides Indians with simple, actionable, reliable and accessible legal (SARAL) information to help them navigate their lives and solve legal problems.
The Chief Justice of India, N. V. Ramana urged newly enrolled law graduates to explain constitutional provisions in simpler terms to non-lawyers to help them assimilate with our constitutional ethos. Both  the Prime Minister  in his Red Fort address and the Chief Justice stressed the importance of affordable legal aid and the need for young lawyers to contribute towards spreading legal awareness to others. Nyaaya’s Access to Justice Network embodies the principles underlying these statements.
The Access to Justice Network of practicing lawyers, law students, community-based organisations and legal aid clinics plays an instrumental role in removing barriers into access to justice. We first launched the Access to Justice Network to facilitate a prompt and smooth response to our WhatsApp helpline (Ask Nyaaya). Since then, the network has evolved into a one-of-a-kind platform for lawyers and law students and social development professionals to share their work, learnings, and expertise.
To expand on the Access to Justice Network’s efforts in making the law SARAL in Karnataka, Nyaaya  has also announced the  launch of  the Samvidhaan Fellowship. This  programme will enable six district-level lawyers in Karnataka to work with Nyaaya’s partner organisations to create simplified legal content in Kannada that will actually take the constitution closer to the people. 
In his speech at the All India District Legal Services Authorities Meet, the Prime Minister emphatically stated that “a common citizen should be aware of his rights and duties in the constitution. They should be aware of their constitution, and constitutional structures, rules and remedies. Technology can play a big role in this too.” Through the Access to Justice Network, the Nyaaya website and the Ask Nyaaya helpline, Nyaaya is striving to make this vision an everyday reality for all citizens of this country.

Nyaaya is a free open access, digital resource that provides simple, actionable, recallable and authoritative legal information to Indian citizens, helping them solve day-to-day legal problems, making them aware of their rights and feel empowered to seek justice.Nyaaya was conceived by Rohini Nilekani and incubated at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. More information on Nyaaya and the Access to Justice Network, here