Turant brings voice-as-a-password solution to India

20th July 2022
Turant brings voice-as-a-password solution to India
Turant voice password solution fuels call centre business

July 20, 2022: Silicon Valley based Turant Inc., an Indian talent-led AI Voice Biometric Company, offers voice as password less login and has launched its state-of-the-art AI products in India.
Turant uses deep tech AI techniques to authenticate a user remotely using voice samples collected in real-time over a phone call or mobile app.
The products have been tested with over tens of thousands of voice samples across languages and dialects, under different situations and background noises, delivering a very high level of accuracy of more than 99%.It not only verifies and authenticates the user in real-time but also tests for liveness or mimicry with its unique anti-spoofing technology.
Turant’sVoiceVerify &SecureVoice products not only offer to fill the void of a missing cutting-edge solution in the India markets but also aspires to contribute to India’s digital dream of bridging the digital divide by offering its Voice Biometric transaction capabilities to nearly 500M Indian Feature Phone users who don’t have access to smart phones.
Supporting any language spoken across the world, the service opens numerous possibilities for low digital literacy users, who prefer to simply use their voice to undertake digital payments safely and securely. It will also help eliminate potential fraud related issues related to SMS OTP.
Available across all Indian languages and around its 20,000 dialects, the company aims to reduce OTP related frauds in transactions (financial / non-financial) in use cases across business / industry domains including e-commerce delivery. The products have been receiving tremendous response from business for applications such as - password-less login, cross border 2FA payment authentication, e-commerce feet of street delivery person authentication, etc.
Turant is targeting a high growth of 50% year-on-year over the next 5 years in India.
Says Anurag Goel, Founder & CEO (IIT Roorkee Alumni), Turant Inc: “I always wanted to do products that can potentially touch the lives of masses and Voice verification is a revolutionary move in the space. It is not only the most natural method of communication but also economical & simple for enterprises to adopt as opposed to the current authentication solutions in the market. Users need not remember passwords, nor be device dependent. This also enables enhanced user satisfaction and repeat transactions for business.“
The A2P (Application to Person) market stands at $75Bn per year. Customer convenience, fraud elimination and reach, irrespective of device used, provides huge opportunity for businesses as well as delivers the cost advantage compared to SMS OTP login.
Turant has its headquarters in in Saratoga, California, US and  an India office in Roorkee India.