Surat startup offers first Made-In-India Single Board Computer

17th July 2022
Surat startup  offers first Made-In-India Single Board Computer

Bangalore, July 17 2022:  Surat-based Vicharak aims to be India's first consumer computer company: It  has just  announced India's first Single Board Computer.
The SBC named  VAAMAN will soon see some FPGAs or Field Programmable Gate Arrays integrated on the board
Vicharak CEO Akshar Vastarpara, promises a  compelling and aggressive pricing for their products.
Other products
Other Vicharak products include:
Maypole:  lets you to transfer files— over a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection—to and from an on-board MicroSD card with room for up to 32 GB of data.  It’s not just you who can transfer files this way. Configured appropriately, Maypole turns any USB port into hub for wireless collaboration. Suppose you have a printer with the ability to read files from a USB flash drive. By plugging Maypole into that USB port, you can allow anyone on the local network to send print jobs.
Chhavi:  a touch-capacitive, wireless, NFC-enabled fingerprint sensor with ultra low power and high end security capabilities.Chhavi is useful in a number of fingerprint sensor applications, especially considering its wireless, remote low power and NFC capabilities. Chhavi is perfect for PC security, such as password managers or local authentications, as well as battery-based remote systems, a wide variety of locking systems and even attendance/personnel management systems, just to name a few.