K P Unnikrishnan, Brocade’s Singapore-based Director (Marketing), for AsiaPac , Bangalore recently
Hitch your network to the Cloud, Brocade tell its AsiaPac users

Networking solutions leader Brocade, has announced the industry’s first suite of 16 Gbps Fibre Channel Fabric Solutions geared to help enterprises ’morph’ their data centre Architectures into Private Clouds.

As part of this initiative, Brocade promises advancements such as in-flight data compression for improved bandwidth utilization, in-flight high-speed encryption for enhanced security and enhanced diagnostics for improved network visibility and management. The new portfolio seamlessly integrates with the estimated 30 million Fibre Channel SAN ports that have already been deployed globally.
The company has also introduced a new open, extensible framework, “Brocade CloudPlex” that enables customers to build the next generation of distributed and virtualized data centres with integrated compute blocks while preserving their existing multi-vendor infrastructure . It will help businesses move smoothly to a "Virtual Enterprise" world where information and applications can reside anywhere, but are accessible at all time.. in effect scaling their IT environments from managing hundreds of virtual machines (VMs), to tens of thousands of VMs that are distributed and mobilized across their entire enterprise and throughout the cloud.

$ 100m promotion programme for AsiaPac

For its most ‘happening’ market place, the Asian region, Brocade has announced a $100 million evaluation program designed to enable customers get a feel for Ethernet fabric -- a new category of networking technology that is purpose-built for virtualization and cloud-optimized data centres. In December 2010, Brocade became the industry’s first company to deliver ethernet fabric products to market.
The programme will help eligible customers to deploy Ethernet fabrics and create highly virtualized data centres. at no cost with the option to purchase only if satisfied. Asia-based IT executives and CIOs are being hosted at the Brocade HQ campus in the heart of the US Silicon Valley where they can also see Brocade solutions in real-world deployments.

In a briefing for IndiaTechOnline, K P Unnikrishnan, Brocade’s Singapore-based Director (Marketing), for AsiaPac said the company has nearly doubled the number of employees throughout Asia Pacific in the last 10 months. It also maintains a large manufacturing footprint in the region both directly and through strategic partnerships. Major Indian customers include Reliance, National Informatics Centre and HDFC. 

For a few days, our  Tech Video spot carries a demo of Brocade's 100 Gigabit Service Scalability for the Cloud.May 31 2011