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Indian edtech player, Scaler, launches services in the US

Mumbai , June 11, 2022:  Leading Indian edulcational technology company, Scaler, has Launched its  education platform in the U.S. It will feature industry veterans from some of the world’s leading tech companies including Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Netflix serving as instructors, mentors and career coaches.
Designed for software professionals, Scaler is an upskillingplatform that provides unrivaled, hands-on learning experiences through a modern curriculum that exposes learners to cutting-edge technologies. Based in Bangalore, India, Scaler was founded in 2019 to help computer science professionals become high-quality software engineers. Since then, the company has seen incredible growth, with more than four million people accessing its content and over 16,000 paid learners across the country.
Scaler recently commissioned the "Scaler Placement Assessment Report" in association with KPMG that ascertained that paid learners enrolled in Scaler programs have a job placement rate of nearly 95%, with a 130% average increase in their salaries. The average hike in salaries received after joining the new company stands at 67.8%, with 31.8% of alumni being promoted in the job they joined post Scaler.

Scaler’s U.S. program launches with its Scaler Academy curriculum, which was created specifically for those who are already adept at coding and looking to enhance their skills to become elite software engineers. As the program matures,Scaler will introduce additional programs to its U.S.-based learners, including Scaler Data Science and Machine Learning.
“After achieving unprecedented success in India, combined with the widening demand for skilled tech workers in America, it’s an exciting time to officially launch our groundbreaking education platform stateside. We see an incredible opportunity to develop best-in-class engineers and help them maximize their career potential,” said Scaler co-founder AbhimanyuSaxena,  “As we continue growing our business, we hope to provide millions more aspiring software engineers across the U.S., and eventually the world, with the opportunity to learn new skills, expand their talents and position themselves for long, prosperous careers in the tech industry.”