New Indian app Explurger is ideal for travellers

08th June 2022
New  Indian app Explurger  is ideal for travellers

New Delhi,  June  8 2022: Indian film actor and  philanthropist  Sonu Sood along with Jitin Bhatia  have launched an AI powered social media app --  Explurger --  that lets users connect  and share their  precious moments. Users can create an account for free and immediately start  sharing photos and videos with friends and family. 
Explurger is the first social media app that offers Rewards to its users for being active on the  platform. It also gamifies the user experience. The more the user engages, the higher the Explurger  level goes, resulting in more recognition on the platform. It is the only social media app that  automatically creates a personalized travelogue for each user. Every time a user creates a post or  Explurge-in, the app’s Artificial Intelligence updates the Travelogue, so every mile, city, country, pub,  club, and whatnot get added to it.
Features such as Bucket List, sharing Future Travel Plans and rating places make this app a popular  choice of the travel community including influencers, bloggers, vloggers, creators, backpackers,  travelers, and everyone else. Users from more than 40 countries have already joined the platform during  the pre-launch phase.
Says SonuSood:  “Exploring new places  is a passion of mine, so Explurger is basically borne out of this love for visiting new places and sharing  them with my friends and family. Teaming up with Jitinto develop a Made-in-India social media app for  the world is akin to a new journey for me and I am super excited to put India through Explurger on the  global map.”
Adds Jitin Bhatia, Founder & CEO, Explurger: “We humans are travelers and social beings andExplurger helps discover real travel itineraries written by real travelers, with real  route maps, photos, and guides. Explurger is an indigenous app platform that facilitates this in a unique  and intuitive way, rewarding users for their posts on their travel updates, triggering wanderlust in  followers and spreading positivity amongst the online community.”