No change in Indian entrants in world's Top500 supercomputer list

01st June 2022
No change in Indian entrants in world's Top500 supercomputer  list
Top: The Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab, US. Bottom: The Param Siddhi at C-DAC Pune

 June 1 2022: The three India- based super computers in the global ranking of the world's fastest supercomputers ranking remained unchanged since this time last year. What has changed is their  position in the ranking which has  slipped a few places.
According  to the semi-annual  Top500 ranking of supercomputers released  today:
-The fastest platform in India at # 111, is the Param Sidhi AI – an NVIDIA DGX-A100 acquired from Atos, housed in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Pune and clocking 4.62 Petaaflops.( One  Peta or Pflop =1000 tera or TFlop)
-At # 132 is  Pratyush, a Cray XC40 from Cray/HPE and  used by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, also in Pune. It clocks 3.76 PFlops.
-At rank # 249 is  Mihir, another Cray XC40 from Cray/HPE housed in Delhi at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. Its  max speed is 2.57 PFlops.

Meanwhile, on the global plane, a significant threshold has been broken: a US machine at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the first computer in the world to breach the exascale barrier, clocking 1.102 exaflops. One exa flop means one quintillion flops ( 10 raised to the power 18) -- that is 1000 peta flops.
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