Top analytics players look to India for talent: GlobalData

May 19 2022: The big four professional services firms—Deloitte, KPMG International Coop (KPMG), PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd (PwC) and Ernst & Young Global Ltd (EY)—seem to be focusing on India for recruitment since the start of 2022.
Among the four, EY had the highest job postings for India during Q1 2022, followed by Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG, respectively,  suggests a study by a leading data and analytics company, GlobalData
Said Sherla Sriprada, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData: “India was trending in terms of job postings in Q1 2022. The US had the most posted jobs in Q1 2021. As companies look at enhancing productivity through rapid technological adoption in the post-COVID era, ‘big data’ and ‘cloud’ were trending themes for India roles posted by the big four during Q1 2022.”
Deloitte’s role ‘Consulting - Business Operations - Director - Cloud Infra & Engineering 1’ looks at opportunities around cloud architecture, digital transformation, data centers. The role and team will use cloud engineering to improve agility, resilience, and identify automation opportunities via cloud.
During Q1 2022, EY also looked at cloud opportunities by hiring for ‘Client Technology - Platform Engineering - Cloud Platform Technical Lead - Assistant Director’ to build cloud-related applications and business solutions. EY expects to deploy newly created applications and products to drive cloud-related growth opportunities for clients.
The big four are also hiring for sustainability-related roles in India. Deloitte’s ‘Consulting - ET&P:SCNO – Director’ role looks at sustainability - increase enterprise value by improving social and environmental performance investing in resource management, supply chain, strategy, and reporting.
PwC is hiring for ‘ESG Manager _Operations Transformation_Consulting-CM’ to deliver on various client engagements related to climate strategy, net zero, and ESG analytics. EY is hiring for ‘GDS Assurance- Executive Director-ESG leader’ for its India location
Sriprada concludes: “ESG continues to gain traction across the big four firms, which are likely to enhance focus across the Asia-Pacific region. Deloitte is investing $1bn globally in sustainability and climate service. In 2021, PwC also announced an investment of $12bn with an ESG-related hiring drive over the next five years.”