Get a HDFC home loan with a WhatsApp call

WhatsApp innovations in India- 1
Mumbai, May 18, 2022: HDFC has launched a first-of-its-kind ‘Spot Offer’ on WhatsApp, to provide an in-principle home loan approval to home buyers within 2 minutes.
This is a platform that will enable prospective borrowers to get an in-principle home loan approval instantly. HDFC constantly seeks to enhance its delivery capabilities using technology and provide convenience to customers looking for home loans to buy the property of their choice. With this innovative concept, HDFC has attempted to create a unique digital experience for its customers by integrating its services in an environment that is already familiar and frequented by its audience. Receiving a home loan approval letter on this platform is now possible with HDFC’s revolutionary ‘spot offer’.
HDFC in association with Cogno AI has developed this solution that is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform to offer a conditional home loan approval in a couple of minutes. All that the users have to do is initiate a conversation on HDFC’s WhatsApp number (+91 98670 00000) and provide some basic information, in a few clicks through a guided conversational flow. On basis of the information keyed in by the customer, a provisional/conditional home loan offer letter is generated instantaneously.
The home loan spot offer facility can be availed 24x7. In addition to convenience, there is no ‘waiting time’ for the home loan approval letter. This facility is available to salaried resident Indians. This is a first of its kind platform, proving how technology can be leveraged to benefit customers.
Says Renu Sud Karnad, Managing Director, HDFC Ltd: “We are happy to launch this innovative platform integrated with WhatsApp. This will facilitate prospective homebuyers in availing a loan to buy their dream home. We at HDFC have been focusing and investing on digital transformation for better customer experience and engagement. Demand for housing in India continues to remain extremely robust. Today, there a strong desire to be a homeowner and demand for housing continues to be from both, first-time homeowners as well as those moving up the property ladder – generally into larger homes.  Affordability today is also better than ever and in India as income levels rise, we will see younger people being able to afford housing sooner in life.”
HDFC’s ‘spot offer’ is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform, an enterprise solution that allows businesses to communicate with new and existing customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.
Adds Abhijit Bose, Head of WhatsApp India: “The way people and businesses interact is changing rapidly and brands are increasingly turning to simple and scalable platforms such as WhatsApp to improve customer experience. With WhatsApp Business Platform brands can build customised solutions that helps them meet their target audience where they want to be met and within an interface that they are familiar with.”