The Arjun Main Battle Tank. Today, manned. Tomorrow?
India could be working on unmanned battle tank

CVRDE, developers of the Arjun Main Battle Tank, moots an unmanned variant
May 4 2022: Unmanned systems are increasingly being deployed to generate and leverage tactical and strategic advantages in the modern battlefield. One critical technology that is poised to dramatically alter the dynamics of warfare is the Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV).
The game changing role of UGCV has been acknowledged worldwide and many countries have embarked on long term UGCV development programmes on different vehicle platforms. Of particular importance is the UGCV developed on heavy tracked combat platforms, due to its decisive role in the front line of the battlefield.
As a proactive effort in this critical domain and to provide technological superiority to Indian Armed Forces, the  Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) has proposed the design and development of an UGCV-based on the MBT Arjun MK 1A tracked combat platform. The objective of the proposed project is the design, development and field validation of an UGCV on the MBT Arjun Mk 1A, with the 120 mm main gun as the primary weapon.
The operational context of the system is long-range navigation in sandy and dunal desert terrains of Rajasthan.
One of the relevant challenges in the development of the system is route planning over long distances (far beyond the perceptual ranges of the on[1]board sensors).
Another relevant challenge is the provision of a user[1]interface for the unmanned vehicle at a remotely placed control station, to provide contextual information to the operator. INDIGIS is proposed to be employed to meet the above challenges.
 It will be used to provide the operator with a visual perspective of the operational terrain and the location of the vehicle in the terrain. Further, INDIGIS will be used to generate a feasible route for the vehicle to follow to reach an operator-defined Target location in the terrain.  Source: Technology Focus, April 22 (