Telangana state and ISRO to host first official event launch in metaverse

16th April 2022
Telangana state and ISRO to host first official event launch in metaverse

April  16, 2022:  The Telangana government will be unveiling its Space-Tech framework through the Metaverse platform created by Gamitronics, the pioneering theme park, VR/AR and robotics/AI company based in Hyderabad. Gamitronics has created a blockchain technology led metaverse platform, PartyNite where the Government's Space Tech policy will be launched at a SpaceShip walk through event.  PartyNite will be hosting the launch of Telangana State SpaceTech Framework on April 18 2022 at 5 PM.
ISRO Chairman S. Somnath,  and Telangana Industries Minister K.T.Rama Rao will be present at the launch and the audience will get a chance to interact with them in the metaverse. The Space-Tech framework launch event will feature the virtual avatars of the government and civil body representatives who will be announcing and interacting on the platform.
Two spaceships are being designed for the event. One for the dignitaries and the other for the audience. The Audience Spaceship will allow real time chair selection and limited interaction with the dignitaries while they will be able to view the new policy guidelines, the users can click their own pictures as well.
In one of its kind virtual events, the representatives on the Stage Spaceship will have controlled voice broadcast and a mic with whisper mode that will regulate the auditory functions during speeches and panel discussions. The event will be packed in with panel discussions and award distribution. Four NFTs will be during the event and the Emcee will summon award winners on stage & initiate trophy NFT handover, ending with a photo click.
Rajat Ojha, CEO, Gamitronics, said, “PartyNite is a Metaverse platform which is a seamless combination of the physical and the virtual world. It is certainly the next level internet experience and a very immersive one at that. One can have easy virtual access to the whole event not just as a viewer but also as an experience of being present live. That is the kind of user experience we are trying to create for the government representatives and the audiences who join in. I believe a spaceship setting is the best place to talk about Space-Tech policy. It is an absolute honour to host the government and ISRO”.
The Space-Tech policy will serve as a launchpad for the State to move into a higher orbit and facilitate its emergence as a commercial hub for all space-related products and services. The policy will focus on promoting domestic production of launch vehicles, satellite systems and subsystems, ground equipment manufacturing and other facilities.
Watch the trailer here