CDIL enters LED arena with Indian Product Range

For any one whose education and career in electronics in India stretches back to the early 1960s, the name “Continental Device India Ltd” or CDIL is filled with nostalgia – as the first  truly Indian source for silicon semiconductor devices – that 2N 404 transistor to built a multi-vibrator in the college lab or that first amplifier circuit for a earphone radio…
Semiconductors Ltd
Pune and CDIL Delhi were for almost a decade the only two indigenous sources for affordable semiconductor building blocks. CDIL began their Indian manufacturing saga in 1964. Now almost 5 decades later they have moved beyond semiconductors to optoelectronics -- launching a slate of LED products for Indian lighting market, to complement their flagship line of Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, Thyristors  and Voltage Regulators.

The CDIL product line in India features an extensive LED Tube Light line, a high-efficiency LED Street Light line along with LED Bulbs and Solar Home Lighting Products. The LED Tube Light line includes the usage of SMD as well as DIP technology, which uses G13 sockets and fits into the existing FTL fitting. The usage of choke & starter shall be eliminated completely. The LED tube light consumes almost 50% less energy as compared to normal fluorescent tube light with 3-5 times more life.
"Many countries have stopped usage of incandescent lamps due to low power factor. Very soon there may be a regulation on CFL usage due to disposal hazards. With shortage of power availability in India, there should be State initiatives to drive the Street lights and all other commercial lighting into LED Lighting - even if it involves subsidizing the manufacturers for initial few years. This subsidy would still be less than the money required to generate additional power." explains Pankaj Gulati, Executive VP & COO, CDI..
CDIL also plans to offer various solar based street lights and designer concept lights in the coming quarter to the Indian Lighting Market. "The segment of industrial lights is also new to the LED industry with its contribution being 1/10th of the LED market. However, the growth witnessed by this segment is about 20 per cent" says Ravinder Gulati, Deputy General Manager, LED division.  

May 9 2011