Indian AI-driven tool helps create long-form content

28th March 2022
Indian AI-driven tool helps create long-form content

March 28  2022: LongShot AI is an AI-driven platform that allows one to write fresh and authentic content which ranks.
The life of a content writer is a never-ending adventure. As a writer, one has the ability to create worlds with words. In a digital world - every company is a content company and it's often the job of content writers/marketers to make them stand out and convey their story!
However, with this power comes great responsibility. It takes a lot of dedication, specialized skills, and knowledge to do this. From meeting deadlines to getting restless with a dearth of content, content creators and writers often have to take a route bursting with worries and agitation. One of the major problems that most creators experience is a mental block. To deter such a hassle, LongShot AI has ushered in its exclusive features. Not just for a mainstream writer, this AI-centered platform also simplifies the work for a non-skilled writer by generating intriguing headlines, providing SEO-friendly content, and building a great outline of a story.
Writers spend hours researching, contemplating, and writing content. For many writers or bloggers, finding a new idea might take a lot of time. For some, a mental block could go on for hours, days, or months, impacting their morale and confidence in writing and eventually abandoning this industry. With LongShot AI, one can confidently produce engaging content and even churn out impactful ideas that entail interest.
From generating remarkable headlines to rephrasing paragraphs, LongShot AI is a marvel for any writer - especially those who dabble. Even with all of the apprehension and writer's block, one can easily complete their task by typing a few keywords or terms related to their topic. Apart from making the work easier for a writer, it also helps save time.
Even for a content marketer, this platform offers a range of prospects. As Google processes thousands of queries every second, it is imperative to match steps with its algorithm to stand out in the crowd. The content generated by this AI-driven platform meets the best of SEO criteria, i.e., creating high-quality, relevant, and comprehensive content that has a better ranking in SERPs.
The dashboard comes with an array of features like text extender, blog ideas, headline intro, meta description, paragraph shredder, video description, sales email, etc. The in-built "Fact-Check" feature of this platform is quite an insightful one. While spawning, the AI program may generate content that is creative and meaningful but may factually be incorrect. The "Fact-Check" feature ensures that the content produced is authentic and removes inaccuracies with one click.
Mumbai-based LongShot AI was founded in mid-2021 by Ankur Pandey and Anushree Bishnoi who have extensive backgrounds in product, AI, SaaS, etc.
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