Bounce search survey finds India is 2nd most popular country

March 19, 2022: India ranks second among the world’s most popular countries that people want to visit, finds  a  new  study , conducted by the  global baggage storage app, Bounce.
The research, based on elements such as Google searches for flights, hotels and vacations in the last 12 months, reveals that while  the island nation of Maldives is the world’s most popular destination,   with a record number of 2,457,000 Google searches, India comes in, a close second, with 1,478,300 total searches. The third most popular destination is Singapore, with a total of 1,224,500 Google searches.
The Maldives has emerged as a popular travel destination in the last 12 months due to its relaxed rules and comfortable vibe, attracting many Indian tourists as well. India, on the other hand, has had bio-bubble arrangements with several countries, making it an easier place to visit along with its scenic beauty and cultural variety.
Top ten popular countries by Google search:
•Maldives (2,457,000 searches)
•India (1,478,300 searches)
•Singapore (1,224,500 searches)
•Costa Rica (1,067,300 searches)
•Mexico (1,059,000 searches)
•Japan (1,051,200 searches)
•Jamaica (1,021,900 searches)
•Greece (998,100 searches)
•Bahamas (957,000 searches)
•Australia (867,000 searches)
Link to the full study here