Magnum Wings launches UAV with 200 kms, 60 kg capability

17th March 2022
Magnum Wings launches UAV with 200 kms, 60 kg capability
Photo: top MW Viper UAV. Bottom: Magnum Wings CEO, Abhiram with his team during the successful launch of the UAV.

Hyderabad, March 17 , 2022: Magnum Wings,  has launched its first commercially available,made-in-India  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
Named MW Viper, it   facilitates ground survey, payload delivery, and surveillance missions by offering maximized operational capabilities and mission flexibility. MW Viper is enabled with the vertical take-off (VTOL) and landing function that allows it to hover, take-off, and land vertically with a payload ranging from 5 kg to 60 kg. The speed ranges from 30kmph to 120kmph and flies at three different altitudes – 100 feet, 400 feet, and 2000 feet with continuous flying support of 2 hours. The drone can be used to survey long areas and can cover 200 kms per trip (compared to typical drones that can cover less than 30 kms per trip) & used to transport over forests or tall trees, whereas regular drones cannot. MW Viper can also be used to transport medical emergencies, perishable foods, etc. With a high-resolution camera that can capture minute details on the ground, it also ensures privacy by focusing only on specific areas needed through auto image processing capabilities. 
Says Abhiram Chava, Chief Executive Officer, Magnum Wings:“We are proud to be part of India’s vision of Make in India and are happy to be contributing to the same. The UAVs are not assembled in India but envisioned, designed, and manufactured in India with maximum components sourced from the country. Post making MW Viper available for commercial usage, we recently showcased the UAV to various companies like BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited), Geokno (Affiliated to GMR), SBI, NGRI etc.”
Magnum Wings aims to turn India into a major UAV Manufacturing Hub and is currently working on all-terrain UAVs with a 60 kgs payload. Magnum Wings envisions doing more technology-led innovations in the UAV sector. The plans also include raising funds to provide UAVs as a service and reach a large audience base and make it more affordable. Magnum Wings is backed by Petrichor Investments Pvt Ltd, which combines technology, sales, marketing, and capital access to curate a hybrid venture building model with a focus on creating value across the start-up ecosystem in impact sectors.