Uber’s India Engineering team, crafts new delivery features for global market

10th March 2022
Uber’s India Engineering team, crafts new delivery features for global market

Bangalore March 10  2022: Uber’s India-based engineering team  has crafted a solution that allows merchants to join Uber Eats while using their own delivery staff to more than 20 countries.  
A team of eight people from Uber’s Hyderabad Tech Centre, including engineers, product managers, and product operations, are behind this innovation which has become a global hit. Today, it is a successful business catering to over restaurants across 23 countries. These include the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, France, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Chile, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Reunion, Ecuador.  
The feature offers flexibility to restaurant partners that prefer to use their own delivery staff to deliver orders to still do so while getting orders from the Uber Eats platform. On busy days, they may also choose to opt for Uber Eats courier partners to deliver orders to meet excess demand or to deliver to a wider geographic radius within a city. Similarly, Eaters get a more comprehensive list of eating options right on their favorite food ordering app.  
Says Jaiteerth Patwari, Engineering Director at Uber and India Site Lead for Uber Delivery: “The business line enables access to the Uber Eats platform for several restaurants globally by offering greater flexibility. It is aligned with our goal of offering restaurants a wide range of options that they can choose from based on their business fit. Uber Engineering is constantly looking at innovations that can yield impact at scale for the global market. We are pleased with the global success of this business line, as it marks yet another ‘Made in India, for the World’ innovation by the India team.”