Indian Space Association joins with Geospatial World for Space services

24th February 2022
Indian Space Association joins with Geospatial World for Space  services
Lt. Gen. Anil Kumar Bhat and Sanjay Kujmar seal the agreement between ISpA and Geospatial World

New Delhi,  February 24 2022: Indian Space Association (ISpA), an apex industry body that aims to be a collective voice of the emerging New space sector, and Geospatial World, a premier technology media and consultancy company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the promotion and upgradation of all space and geospatial domain activities and services.
The MoU also endeavors facilitating the creation of an innovative space ecosystem in the country.The key areas to be pursued  are:
Collaborative research: Both ISpA and Geospatial World will collaborate in conducting research in the areas of mutual interest on entire spectrum of space and geospatial technologies.
Research publications:
The teams at both ISpA and Geospatial World will co-author research papers.
Co-hosting conferences: ISpA and Geospatial World will jointly host conferences and other meetings, especially in areas related to space and geospatial technologies.
Knowledge sharing: Both ISpA and Geospatial World will proactively share developments in the area of their common objective, including data and information available in-house, which is not bound by any non-disclosure agreements.
ISpA has launched a networking program to collaborate with various domain experts and stakeholders in the Indian and foreign space domain, and to work towards building global linkages for the Indian space. Geospatial World creates interdisciplinary knowledge, facilitates technology ecosystem engagements and and produces market-based research and reports on impact, value and utility of geospatial technologies.
Said  Lt. Gen. Anil Kumar Bhat, Director General, Indian Space Association: “I am quite optimistic about this partnership and confident that the decades long experience, knowledge repertoire, outreach and market connect of Geospatial World will help us in realizing our goals in a concerted manner. Space provides unparalleled opportunities for all domains whether commercial or strategic. There’s a need to create a conducive ecosystem and an enabling mechanism that harnesses entrepreneurial spirit and fosters innovation and scalability.”
Added Sanjay Kumar, Founder & CEO, Geospatial World “We are glad to partner with the Indian Space Association and align our forces towards the common goal of boosting innovation, sustainability, and imbuing dynamism for socio-economic progress. At Geospatial World, we remain committed to knowledge sharing for digital transformation, resilience, and sustainability …We are the denizens of a digital era, and space infrastructure – including satcom, GNSS, earth observation, location, and positioning – is the backbone of digitalization.”