Inventor Sunil Maddikatla and the healthcare monitor Eyva he has created
Hyderabad startup unveils 6-parameter non invasive health monitoring device

February 1 2022: A Hyderabad -based startup -- BlueSemi --  unveiled a first -of-its-kind  non-invasive  6-parameter healthcare  monitoring gadget  at CES 2022, the consumer electronics show at Las Vedas ( US) last month.
Named Evya, it measures 6 key body vitals- blood glucose, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, SPo2 ( oxygen level) and temperature – within 6o seconds. No prick, no blood sample, just a simple touch.

BlueSemi  founder and CEO, Sunil Maddikatla, is an alumnus of the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad  which incubated his company.
The most dramatic breakthgrough is in blood sugar measurement which  now requires pricking a  finger to obtain a blood sample. Sunil explains that the user  can place  his ir her fingers on the designated area on the device, and wait for 60 seconds to measure the  blood glucose levels. The data is analysed using AI, and the results are displayed on your smartphone app
BlueSemi recently  received  funding of US$ 69 million from the Luxembourg-based investment group GEM Global Yield LLC.
Evya will be available for Rs 15,490 from March this year.
More info at the company website here.