L&T Tech Services offers a platform for e-Vehicle development

02nd January 2022
L&T Tech Services offers a platform for e-Vehicle development

Bangalore, January 2 2022: India-based global engineering services company L&T Technology Services  has launched the  e-VOLTTS platform designed for next-generation electric vehicles along with an EV Lab and in-house Autonomous Drive platform.
The platform developed in-house by LTTS engineers is a scalable and modular high-efficiency Reference platform that can be easily customized for use in a wide range of vehicle segments such as off-highway vehicle, passenger cars and 2 / 3 wheelers. It also serves as a reference design and is reusable as well as customizable thereby enabling faster EV related product development. Effectively the launch of the platform further consolidates LTTS’ position as a best-fit one-stop shop for e-mobility solutions with expertise ranging from build to specification definition to vehicle level integration.
LTTS’ e-VOLTTS platform is designed to offer distinct features in tune with the expectations of the evolved needs of an EV using consumer. These include an electric propulsion system comprising of inverter converter topology that enables a compact, cost-attractive electric drive proposition. Furthermore, the ‘heart’ of the car, has a traction motor that is equipped with excellent torque characteristic thereby ensuring that with a single charge the vehicle runs a optimum distance. 
Pertaining to battery, it is designed to reduce excess heat to the environment utilizing various factors such as Cell selection, Cell Spacing, Pack construction, Thermal Management materials and Battery enclosure design. 
The prototype version of the EV vehicle developed by LTTS also comprises a 5G enabled next gen digital cockpit with multiple displays. These capabilities have earned the Company interest from global customers and helped win multi-year engagements with e-Powertrain manufacturers.

 The company has also launched in-house developed Autonomous Drive platform which integrates various ADAS applications and Mechatronics (precise control for mechanical components). The platform is showcased in LTTS’ prototype Autonomous Vehicle which comprises of a LIDAR Cameras and over a dozen Ultrasonic Sensors which can make decisions through a Central Control Unit. LTTS’ home-grown scalable sensor fusion framework supporting 3D LIDAR system and other advanced sensor applications provide superior driver safety pushing the industry closer to the ultimate goal of autonomous cars.
LTTS has also set up a one-of-its-kind EV Testing Lab at its Bangalore delivery centre that will cater to EV component level testing. This state-of-the-art lab provides various types of electric powertrain testing such as performance testing, endurance testing, and functional testing of e-Motors, Inverters, DC-DC Converters, Battery, and On Board / Off Board Chargers.