Could Intel be first to set up chip making in India?

28th December 2021
Could Intel be first to  set up chip making in India?
Inside an Intel semiconductor manufacturing facility in the US (Image:Intel)

December 28, 2021: Call it a tale of two tweets: India’s $ 10 billion incentive package  for creating a manufacturing base in India for semiconductors,  saw a message from Intel Foundry Services president Dr Randhir Thakur to IT Minister Ashwini.Vaishnaw:  
"Congratulation to Ministry of Electronic and IT,  Ashwini Vaishnaw, Rajeev Chandrasekhar for Semiconductor design and manufacturing incentives for India as hub for electronics and semiconductors.'
This was followed by Vaishnaw’s reply tweet:“Intel - welcome to India," the minister tweeted to the US-based tech giant and chipmaker. Ashwini Vaishnaw on Twitter: "Intel - welcome to India." / Twitter
 Media today is reading in this tweet exchange an indication that chip giant Intel may be the first to take up the Indian government’s offer of  financial incentives to companies setting up manufacturing facilities in India – including an all-important semiconductor fab or fabrication foundry
Two weeks ago  Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India and Vice-President, Intel Foundry Services told The Hindu Businessline: India is the largest R&D house for Intel outside of the United States and we are continuing to grow…..I’m very excited that the government is offering Performance Linked Incentieve ( PLI )schemes for electronic devices, technology products that can benefit and we are already there in some of these areas in automotive and other products like PCs on the consumer side, IoT like devices, and many other…..Our CEO announced expansion of our fabs in Arizona. We are setting up two new fabs and investing $20 billion for the same. We are seeing as a world shortage of semiconductors