Now, a robot serves hot idlis!

November 28 2021: Two Bangalore entrepreneurs have co founded Freshot Robotics and  unveiled the world’s foirs Idlibit, a robotic idli maker.
Suresh Chandrashekaran and Sharan Hiremath   showed their machine at the recently concluded  Bangalore Tech Summit. The batter is prepared separately, supplied in drums and fed into the robot idli maker.
Currently the idlibots can churn out 72 idlis in 10 minutes and the batter in the first drum can hold 5.5 litres for making 350 idlis. There are two such drums in each idlibot before the batter needs to be filled in again. Also, currently each idlibot can make four types of idlis, from podi, piri piri, Italian herbs to chocolate.
Customers need to use an app to purchase idlis  in twos at the dispenser for an expected Rs 25-30. Th machine also dispenses chutney and sambhar. The  makers  have announced the launch of Idlibot on April 2 2022, Ugadi day at 3 venues in Bangalore. They plan to scale up to 10 venues in Bangalore by end 2022 and 100 across India in 2023. A  robotic vada maker is also in their plans.
Each idlibot costs between ₹18 lakh and ₹20 lakh. The  co founders  intend to franchise rather than sell these bots.

For a few days we feature a video about Idlibot in our tech video spot on the home page
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